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Garciems, Torņu iela 17, 19, Rīgas rajons, Carnikavas nov.

Land for sale for the construction of a private house in a very picturesque location. Beautiful pine forest....
Size: 2019
Sale land
22500 eur ID: 10416

Lačpleša iela 80, Rīga, Centrs

For sale 3-room apartment with individual gas heating in the very center of Riga. Land owned by residents. At the...
Size: 71, Room count: 3, Floor: 3/3, House type: Stone, House series: Before war house
Sale Appartments
68000 eur ID: 10400

Ikšķele, Skolas iela 19, Ogre un rajons, Ikšķile

A plot of land is for sale, in a very good and strategic location, consisting of two plots (cadastre.nom 74050020526...
Size: 1335
Sale land
50000 eur ID: 10395

Rankas iela 11, Rīga, Sarkandaugava

For rent protected territory of 6310 m2. It can be divided into smaller ones.
Rent Commercial property
2334 eur ID: 10314

Bukultu iela 20, Rīga, Centrs

Warehouse spaces 820 m2 for long-term lease. Railway branch. Cold. Ramps with hydro-lifts. Large ramp for...
Size: 751
Rent Commercial property
2253 eur ID: 10313

Vidrižu iela 1, Rīga, Teika

For Rent business-class office. Fully equipped with all necessary appliances and furniture. The room is equipped with...
Size: 12
Rent Spaces
140 eur ID: 10288

Piķurgas, salaspils nov. , Rīgas rajons, Salaspils

Sell prospective land in a very good and convenient location. Asphalt driveway. Grunt - dolomite. Near all...
Size: 206000
Sale land
308000 eur ID: 10283

Bukultu iela 22, Rīga, Centrs

Warehouse spaces from 200 m2 till 990m2 for long-term lease. Railway branch. 1 - cold, 2nd - warmed (delta about...
Size: 200
Rent Commercial property
600 eur ID: 10229

Tvaika iela 64, Rīga, Mangaļi

Warehouse space from 560m2 to 2880m2 for long-term lease. Class B +. Useful height of 8 meters. Warmed, with...
Size: 1100
Rent Commercial property
3850 eur ID: 10228

Rankas iela 11, Rīga, Sarkandaugava

Warehouse area of 419 м2, 1500 m2 и 436m2 for long term rent. Unheated. Floor height - 0.00 m. Paul even -...
Size: 447
Rent Commercial property
838 eur ID: 10227

Ulbrokas iela 28, Riga , Rīga, Pļavnieki

For sale plot of land with total area of 2. 4257 hectares, located in Riga, at 28 Ulbrokas iela, Plavnieki (for Rimi...
Size: 24257
Sale land
3650000 eur ID: 10221

Pelikānu iela 7, Kalngale, Carnikavas pag , Rīgas rajons, Carnikavas nov.

For sale a modern, high-quality three-storey family house with a modern design, bright and spacious rooms, a...
Size: 360, Room count: 7, House type: Brick
Sale Houses
350000 eur ID: 10220

Jaunmārupe, Mārupes novads , Rīgas rajons, Mārupes pag.

Land for sale in a very good, comfortable and eco-friendly place. There is an access road. Currently purpose -...
Size: 14400
Sale land
57600 eur ID: 10216

Sīļukalnu iela , Rīgas rajons, Babītes pag.

Household appliances, Build-in kitchen, Furniture, New water valves, Private, With all amenities, sunny, plastic...
Size: 136, Room count: 4, House type: Brick
Sale Houses
170000 eur ID: 9968

Elizabetes iela 8, Rīga, Centrs

Brand new 5 bedroom apartment. Apartment consist from large living room connected with kitchen and dining area, 4...
Size: 188, Room count: 5, Floor: 4/5, House type: Stone
Sale Appartments
950000 EUR ID: 9731

Stabu iela 41, Rīga, Centrs

For sale renovated 3-bedroom apartment. 2 separate rooms, bathroom with WC. Plastic insulating glass. Replaced all...
Size: 77, Room count: 3, Floor: 4/4, House type: Stone, House series: Before war house
Sale Appartments
125000 EUR ID: 9732

Stabu 11 , Rīga, Centrs

Parking for 2 cars. Respectable center 5 min. from the Old City. Near — Church and Liberty Street. Bright...
Size: 150, Room count: 5, Floor: 2/6, House type: Panel - brick, House series: Spec project
Sale Appartments
239000 EUR ID: 6201