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  • Prusu iela 22, Rīga, Ķengarags

    Bright and comfortable apartment for rent. There are all necessary furniture and appliances. In the courtyard there...
    Size: 48, Room count: 2, Floor: 4/5, House type: Brick, House series: Hruschovka
    Rent Appartments
    260 eur ID: 10405
  • Hospitalu iela 39, Rīga, Centrs

    For Rent high-quality apartment in the classical style. Bright apartment with large Windows and terrace on the top...
    Size: 45, Room count: 1, Floor: 6/6, House type: Panel - brick, House series: New building
    Rent Appartments
    480 eur ID: 10404
  • Kalnina iela 4, Rīga, Centrs

    Utilities are included in the price. Gas and electricity are additionally paid for by meters. Hot water from the...
    Size: 55, Room count: 3, Floor: 6/6, House type: Stone, House series: Before war house
    Rent Appartments
    370 eur ID: 10403
  • Kalnciema iela 106, Rīga, Āgenskalns

    For sell a bright and warm apartment. Sunny side. The middle of the house. New plastic windows and a metal door...
    Size: 36, Room count: 1, Floor: 5/5, House type: Brick, House series: 103 series
    Sale Appartments
    33500 eur ID: 10401
  • Lačpleša iela 80, Rīga, Centrs

    For sale 3-room apartment with individual gas heating in the very center of Riga. Land owned by residents. At the...
    Size: 71, Room count: 3, Floor: 3/3, House type: Stone, House series: Before war house
    Sale Appartments
    68000 eur ID: 10400